WATCH: Dem Rep. Bowman Explains Why Nikki Haley is a Disgusting Person

Nikki Haley wanted to be the Republican nominee for President and engaged in a bruising campaign for the position with Donald Trump. While she claimed that she wouldn't back the former President, the hypocritical Conservative is now supporting Donald Trump. 

Haley recently visited Israel and in an effort to show her support for the country, wrote "finish them" on a bomb that was likely to be used in Gaza. During an appearance on CNN, last night, Democratic Congressman Jamaal Bowman tore into her behavior. 

Bowman told CNN's Abby Phillip, "Nikki Haley is disgusting. She’s a disgusting human being to do that. That’s genocidal language and it’s the language that has the American people turning against our government.”

The New York Democrat continued:

"Why do we continue to support not just the consistent attacks in Gaza, but the forever wars? There are people in our country, their entire lives, me included, it seems like we’re constantly at war with someone spending trillions, killing millions, while people are suffering and starving and dying right here in our country."

Bowman closed with a message for President Biden, continuing, "U.S. weapons are burning infant children alive and so he has to respond. We can not send another weapon or another dollar to Israel and [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu at this point because they have been moving forward with what the ICJ has called a plausible genocide, and everyone sees it. My district sees it, the country sees it."