WATCH: Dem. Rep and Ex. Prosecutor Goldman Says Trump Neutered his Defenses

During the E. Jean Carroll civil case, Donald Trump said that he'd be flying home from Europe to confront his accuser. His lawyers knew better and kept him off the stand. In a courtroom, Trump is his own worst enemy. 

While his legal team might be able to keep him off the stand, they are unable to keep him off the television. And during a recent interview with Sean Hannity and his disastrous town hall with CNN, the former President heavily damaged his claims of innocence. 

During a Friday morning spot of CNN, Ex-Prosecutor and Congressman Daniel Goldman explained, "Every single thing Donald Trump ever said can be admitted at a trial."

The Dem Rep. continued, "and so what you have here is him admitting in secret that he knows that the documents he had were not declassified and he knows that they are classified information. The difference between a criminal case and any civil case is you have to show that knowledge."

Goldman closed by telling the hosts:

"That's what draws a distinction between Donald Trump's case and Joe Biden and Mike Pence, where the question here is, is it knowingly and intentionally done to maintain possession of those documents and then to refuse to give them back? And so what he is essentially doing is neutering all of the public defenses that he made. The prosecutors will be able show his public defense and then show the recording and it will eviscerate all of the credibility of his defense."