WATCH: Dem. Panelist Mocks Fox's Watters After He Calls Trump King Kong

Today's Republican party has nothing to do with Conservative values or what they call fiscal responsibility; those were the days of George W. Bush. The current incarnation of the GOP is nearly wholly focused on victimhood. 

The most popular pundits on Fox News are the ones who are best at riling up their viewers. Jesse Watters went out of his way last night to paint Donald Trump as a pitiable victim, but Democratic talking head Harold Ford Jr. was quick to shut down his analogy. 

Watters said of the former President, "They trapped him in a cage. They caught him, they trapped him in the cage, we call the courtroom a cage, and he’s like King Kong. They are sending Maddow down there and she is looking at him like an animal. ‘Man, his hair is really orange. Look at his eyes and his lips. He is angry, he is mad, he is upset.’ Watching him — they are not providing any sort of legal analysis."

The Fox host continued, "They’re acting like it's like a zoo creature. And what happens with King Kong? You remember. Boom! It’s not going to be good. So he’s going to bust out of this cage eventually; they’re not going to be able to keep him down."

Harold Ford Jr., the former Congressman and now a Fox co-host, was quick to correct Watters, nothing, "They killed King Kong though. He took a white woman on top of a building. It was frowned upon in the ‘40s. Yeah, it was a bad day for him."