WATCH: Dem. Gov. Josh Shapiro Rips CNN for Failing to Fact Check Trump on Air

Last night's debate was a disaster for Joe Biden as the President seemed old and timid against Donald Trump. The performance was so bad that many within the media are now calling for Biden to be replaced as the 2024 Democratic nominee. 

What has been lost in the controversy over Biden's performance is just how bad Donald Trump was last night. The former President steamrolled through the event avoiding every question and telling lies at every turn. 

Josh Shapiro, the Governor of Pennsylvania and an important surrogate for the Biden campaign, appeared on CNN this morning. And he didn't hold back when giving his take on how the network handled the debate last night. 

Shapiro told host John Berman, "Understand, it ain't easy debating a pathological liar, which is what Joe Biden had to do last night. Donald Trump lied about everything, from his record to the direction he wants to take people in this country. Hell, John, he even lied about saying Democrats want to kill babies after they're born. I mean, come on! It's nonsense!'

The Pennsylvania Governor continued by saying, "Frankly, I think CNN could have done a better job of calling those lies out."

Watch a clip of the segment below: