WATCH: DeAnna Lorraine’s First Act as a New InfoWars Host is Defending Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

In his 25 year radio career, Alex Jones has said a lot of offensive and disgusting things. None of them were worse than his theory that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a “false flag hoax.” That theory saw Jones de-platformed from a number of social media sites. He was also sued by the parents of the victims.

gop candidate on trump green light militias
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/YouTube]
DeAnna Lorraine has become a Twitter personality over the last year, frequently commenting on Donald Trump’s tweets. She attempted to run in a California primary this year, but received less than 2% of the vote. She has now has a new job as a host on Alex Jones’ show, InfoWars.

Lorraine helped the network cover the Republican National Convention and is now a full-time host. One of her first acts was to defend Jones’ Sandy Hook theory.

She said during a recent broadcast, “I also don’t blame him. If you look at all the coverage and the footage of what happened there, if you look at all the facts surrounding the issue, the event, everything, and the witnesses, and the stories, it’s understandable why he would say that and why he would be led to that conclusion.”

The infamous Twitter troll continued:

“They will do anything to smear and censor and stifle anyone that actually tells the truth. I would say at least 95 percent of the time, the things that he’s done, the predictions he’s made—especially now with masks and vaccines and what the real agenda is behind this coronavirus and everything. I mean, it’s all coming to light right now.”

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