[WATCH] DeAnna Lorraine Is Having A Hard Time Trusting QAnon’s Plan

DeAnna Lorraine who is a major supporter of President Trump and a former Republican Congressional candidate had another broadcast this past Tuesday where she admitted to being unsure that she should ‘Trust the Plan” by QAnon. Lorraine is unsure that President Trump is actually engaged in behind the scenes battle with pedophile rings run by the world’s global elites. It is a belief held by many, including, others who have run for office on the Republican ticket.

Lorraine already showed animosity towards Trump after he dawned a mask during his visit to Walter Reed Hospital which made her believe that Trump’s change of heart was more than just good “optics.” She said, “A lot of people say this is for optics. There’s the theory that this is all just optics, look weak when you’re really strong and in control, trust the plan, trust the plan. But you know as much as I want to trust the plan, and I’ve had very much faith since day one, it’s getting a little bit dicey. Let’s be honest. And it doesn’t look like patriots are in control and winning here.”

She went on to say, “I want to trust the plan but at the same time, we’ve got three months until the election, and we have to look at the reality of it, and the reality doesn’t look good for us,” Lorraine added, citing Twitter’s recent crackdown on QAnon accounts. “Q is now, we can’t even talk about that anymore on the internet. No social media, Facebook, Twitter. If we talk about it, or if we’re even associated with anything that has been mentioned in the last couple of years, we are going to get de-platformed permanently. So, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like patriots are in control. We’re just sitting back and sitting back and waiting and waiting, but this is like a save our ship situation, I think. I don’t think this is optics. I don’t really think that this is just optics. I would love to believe that it’s just optics, but what kind of optics is this? That we’re losing control?”

She concluded, “I know that [Trump is] upsetting a lot of his base right now with his actions, and with him starting these coronavirus press conferences again, yet going along with the lies and not actually exposing the truth, tweeting out that masks are patriotic, And then really, we haven’t had any measurable actions taken against this huge big tech censorship. We’ve only gotten more and more constrained and suppressed.”

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