WATCH: DeAnna Lorraine Comes To the Realization That Maybe Trump Isn’t the Hero QAnon Thinks He Is

DeAnna Lorraine burst onto the Twitter scene as a Republican running against Nancy Pelosi. She was never really a serious candidate, though. During the March primary in California’s 12th District, she received less than 2% of the vote compared to 74% for Pelosi.

[Image via DeAnna Lorraine/Parler]
Still Lorraine was able to parlay her Twitter success into a job with Alex Jones’ InfoWars. And there she peddles in the same conspiracy theories she focus’ on online.

Lorraine, though, has been starting to wonder about Donald Trump. She railed against the president for encouraging Americans to get the COVID vaccine. And the conspiracy theorist now seems to be coming to the realization that Trump may not be the hero QAnon thinks he is.

During a recent video clip, Lorraine remarked, “We have got about 25 days guys. And we will know, which maybe its a good thing but we are gonna know for sure if Trump is really the 5D master chess player who is gonna totally dissipate the swamp and rest all these deep state operatives and everything we have seen up till now was this massive, you know, brilliant chess moves and its all gonna come into place.”

The conspiracy theorist continued, “Maybe things failed. Maybe QAnon operation wasn’t real. Maybe some things were not really the truth, right? But we are gonna know in about 25 days and that’s the beauty of all of this. As much as I hate it that it’s coming down to the wire. The one good thing about it is we are gonna know the f*****g truth one way or the other. Aren’t we? We are gonna know.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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