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WATCH: David Perdue Goes Full Racist, Says Stacey Abrams Demeans Her Own Race

WATCH: David Perdue Goes Full Racist, Says Stacey Abrams Demeans Her Own Race

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Not too long ago, David Perdue was one of 100 US Senators. But in a 2021 special election, he lost his seat to Democrat Jon Ossoff. Now, the former senator is attempting to defeat the Republican Governor for the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp.

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It started out ok, going after Kemp kept Perdue in the good graces of Donald Trump. But then polls came out showing the challenger down by more than 30%. Thanks to that drop in the polls, Trump is showing less and less interest in speaking out for Perdue.

So, with his campaign on life support, the Georgia Republican resorted to racism against likely Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams. “Did y’all see what Stacey said this weekend?” he asked. “She said that Georgia is the worst place in the country to live. Hey, she ain’t from here. Let her go back where she came from if she doesn’t like it here.”

Perdue continued, “The only thing she wants is to be president of the United States. When she told Black farmers, you don’t need to be on the farm. And she told Black workers in hospitality and all this, you don’t need to be — she is demeaning her own race when it comes to that.”

Despite the fact that he will not be getting to face off against Abrams, the Republican hopeful closed, “I am really over this. She should never be considered material for governor of any state, much less our state, where she hates to live.”

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