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[WATCH] David Jolly Crushes Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’

[WATCH] David Jolly Crushes Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’

Former Florida Rep. David Jolly famously left the Republican Party and registered as an Independent back in 2018 as a sign of his disgust over the rise of Trumpism within the GOP. Now a favorite commentator on MSNBC, Jolly often lends his unique insight to the inner workings of the Party of Trump.

Jolly appeared with Alex Witt on Sunday to discuss, among other things, the latest antics of Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA). Taylor has been getting ridiculed over her most recent Twitter meltdown, where she names and attempts to shame her 13 GOP colleagues who voted for President Joe Biden’s historic infrastructure bill. Jolly added his own perspective, saying she was “beyond help”.

Witt read an excerpt from a New York Times article detailing how Republicans, including Greene, started a fight within their own party, Jolly was asked about her meltdown. “She accused those 13 of having voted to pass Joe Biden’s ‘communist takeover of America’ and tweeted the phone numbers to their congressional offices, for some reason only listing 12 of the 13,” Witt prompted. “Okay David, this one’s for you.”

“I would say you can’t fix stupid, Alex,” Jolly replied with a smirk. “I suppose if we really want to put some legislative analysis to this, by the numbers, this is right. Democrats did not hold their entire caucus together. It did pass with Republican votes, but it also passed in the Senate with I believe 19 Republican votes.”

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“The important thing for Democrats to take from this, this is a good thing,” Jolly continued. “Take the victory lap, sell this as a jobs bill, sell this as economic stimulus, and also realize you have to really lean into this victory,” he suggested. “Because there will be zero Republican votes on the Build Back Better legislation — you have to get your caucus in line for that final vote.”

Watch the segment, below.

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