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WATCH: Dana Carvey Takes on Trump and the GOP With Terrific Biden Impression

WATCH: Dana Carvey Takes on Trump and the GOP With Terrific Biden Impression

When Donald Trump was in office, impressions of him were all the rage. Alec Baldwin repeatedly mocked the former president during appearances on Saturday Night Live. And the assorted late night hosts all had their own Trump impressions they could break out when needed.

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You don’t see as many comedians trying to imitate Joe Biden. Jim Carrey portrayed him on Saturday Night Live during the election season, but it’s been mostly quiet on the Biden impression front. But last night on Colbert, SNL alum Dana Carvey deftly acted as the current president and took on Trump and the GOP.

Carvey began by noting the difference between Trump’s trips overseas to Biden’s. Carvey’s Biden said that Trump’s trips were “bananas,” but “look at me, look at me, Europe. I’m nice and easy. Listen to my voice, I’m whisper-calm, not going to make any sudden moves.”

The comedian was then asked by Colbert about the time he called Vladimir Putin a killer. Carvey replied, “Come on, now, I once called a nice lady a ‘dog-faced pony soldier’ — no one knows what the hell I’m talking about, especially me.”

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Carvey ended the spot joking about the trouble of dealing with the GOP. Noting that he’s not great with words, the comedian’s Biden joked, “Words, they’re like Republicans. They don’t want to work with me, but I keep on trying anyway.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The Late Show:

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