WATCH: Dana Bash Calls Out Facebook VP for Websites Role in the Insurrection

Facebook began as a social media site where people could connect with their friends and family. But as it grew, the site became a place where many Americans got their news. In fact a recent survey found that 1/3 of people in the US get their news from the social media giant.

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[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
Last weekend, a whistleblower named Frances Hougen told 60 Minutes that, despite their claims, the site is not appropriately monitoring news articles. The company is now in damage control. Facebook’s VP for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, appeared on CNN this weekend and was called out by host Dana Bash.

The host began, “With regard to January 6, did the algorithms that are in place amplify pro-insurrection voices ahead of January 6?”

The Facebook executive answered, “I can’t give you an answer for individual personalized feeds that each person uses,” the Facebook executive demurred. “We work with law enforcement, of course, to give them content that might show up on our platform. January 6, the responsibility for that is the people who broke the law, who inflicted the violence, who aided and abetted in the media — .”

Bash followed, “I understand that. But is it a problem that you’re not really sure if your platform allowed it to fester and amplify what ended up as this huge attack?”

Clegg responded, “What I was simply saying is that the algorithm, the whole point, of course, of Facebook is that each person’s newsfeed is individual to them. It’s like an individual fingerprint, and that’s basically determined by the interaction of your choice, your friends, your family, the groups you choose to be part of and those ranking individuals I talked about. What I can say is where we see content we think is relevant to the investigations of law enforcement, of course, we cooperate with them

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