WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Blames TX COVID Spike on BLM Protests Rather Than Early Reopening. Offers no Evidence.

Protests over the George Floyd killing occurred all across the country. Many Conservative pundits predicted that COVID cases would spike in those areas. That has not come to pass. A study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research said that there were virtually no coronavirus surges due to the demonstrations.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Dan Crenshaw represents 2nd district which has seen a massive rise in COVID cases. The area also reopened without following CDC guidelines. Still, the GOP lawmaker appeared on FOX News this morning to blame the case rise on Black Lives Matter protesters.

The Texas lawmaker said we knew this would happen, “especially when we had tens of thousands of people in the street just a couple weeks ago. This should have surprised no one.

Brian Kilmeade said of the largely peaceful protests, “Over 300 cities had some type of rioting, looting, protests happening. How do people not link those two?”

Crenshaw continued, “Don’t believe your lying eyes. Everyone wants to say it was a few people hanging out at bars that caused this. That’s not true. Texas has been reopening since May 1st. We’ve been getting back to normalcy since May 1st and everything was declining. As a result, cases were declining. These spikes happened when tens of thousands of people got together in close proximity. Again, there’s nothing wrong with saying that.”

Ironically, just weeks ago, Crenshaw was one of these Texans hanging out in a bar. The congressman held a fundraiser at a Houston Bier Garten. Masks clearly were not required.


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