WATCH: Cuomo to DeSantis on COVID: “You Played Politics and Lost”

Of the 50 state governors who have had to deal with COVID-19, perhaps none have been more flippant than Florida’s Ron DeSantis. For months, the Republican lawmaker has acted as if the disease wasn’t a threat to his state. On Wednesday, Florida had 5,500 positive Coronavirus tests.

Zack Seward/Flickr

Andre Cuomo, whose state of New York was once the epicenter of the virus, is now on Phase 2 of recovery. And he had a message for the Florida governor who he has sparred with in the past. The New York governor said to DeSantis, “you played politics and lost.”

Cuomo made the comments during an appearance on CNN’s New Day. He told host Alysin Camerota, “Three months ago I said we’re playing politics with the virus and the virus is going to win. It was all politics. And the virus… you can’t beat a virus with politics. The virus isn’t Democratic or Republican. We were in political denial.”

The host then asked the New York governor about a recent quarantine he’s enacted for people coming to the state from COVID-19 hotspots. Camerota played a clip of DeSantis saying, “[the] New York media was blowing a gasket.”

“I say to them all: Look at the numbers,” responded Cuomo. “You played politics with this virus and you lost. You told the people of your state, and you told the people of this country, White House, ‘Don’t worry about it. Just open up, go about your business, this is all Democratic hyperbole.’ Oh, really? Now you see 27 states with the numbers going up. You see the death projections going up. You see the economy going down. It was never politics. It was always science. And they were in denial, and denial is not a life strategy.”

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