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WATCH: Crowd Erupts as Pete Buttigieg Shuts Anti-Gay Heckler Down

WATCH: Crowd Erupts as Pete Buttigieg Shuts Anti-Gay Heckler Down

Democratic presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, has experienced a huge surge in popularity over the last month and a half. As the South Bend Mayor said himself, “I’ve gone from adorable to plausible in 6 weeks,”

As an openly gay candidate, Buttigieg will also face more than his share of discrimination and hatred. At a campaign rally in Iowa yesterday, the candidate faced a heckler who shouted, “Remember Sodom and Gomorrah,” during his speech. The heckler was shouted down and Mayor Pete took the outburst in stride, saying, “The good news is; the condition of my soul is in the hands of god, but the Iowa Caucuses are up to you.”

Another protestor yelled at the South Bend Mayor, “You betray your baptism.”

Buttigieg told the crowd, “We’re so dug-in, in such passionate ways, and I respect that, too. That gentleman believes that what he is doing is in line with the will of the creator. I’d do it differently. We ought to be able to do it differently.”

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Buttigieg also told the crowd they need to look at the root causes of that kind of anger. He said, “We’ve got to acknowledge — without giving an inch on the racism or xenophobia that played a role in that campaign — we’ve got to also pay attention to the things that make people susceptible to that message and make sure we’re addressing them.”

The candidate was in Iowa to prepare for the wildly important Iowa Caucuses which will take place on February 3rd of 2020. With a crowded Democratic field, Iowa will be crucially important for candidates. Buttigieg has been steadily rising in polls and figures to be a key figure during the 2020 race.

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