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WATCH: “Creepy Tucker” & “Tuckums” Trend After Carlson Attacks Obama

WATCH: “Creepy Tucker” & “Tuckums” Trend After Carlson Attacks Obama

Who’s creepy? According to Tucker Carlson, it’s Barack Obama, former president, for doing a PSA encouraging vaccination. According to Twitter trends, though, an awful lot of people think that descriptor would better fit Carlson.

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Airing a PSA Obama filmed, in which he advises people aged 16 and over to get the vaccine if possible, Carlson scoffs and describes him as “some creepy old guy telling your children, your little kids, to take medicine whose effects we do not fully understand.”

Meidas Touch, a progressive SuperPAC, responded by sharing the video of Carlson calling President Obama “creepy” and hinted to their followers, “Please don’t let #CreepyTucker trend.”

The hashtag, naturally, took off, along with “Tuckums.

[Screenshot via Twitter]

As the hashtag shot up the ‘trending’ charts on Twitter, plenty of users piled on to tell why they believe Tucker is ‘creepy’ — they cited racism, anti-vax promotion, and support of Matt Gaetz during an investigation for an alleged sexual relationship with a 17-year-old teenager (ironically, the same age group Carlson refers to as “your little kids” when he’s referring to the Obama PSA).


More than one tweet also riffed on the name “Tucker,” repurposing it to apply to the images of Rudy Giuliani appearing to fiddle with (or ‘tuck’) the contents of his pants when caught on camera in Sash Baron Cohen’s recent movie.

Of course, Joy-Ann Reid’s clip from earlier this week, in which she responded to him for calling her “the race lady,” calling him “Tuckums” and pointing out that he’s the one obsessed with race, also got a lot of new shares.

Carlson has not responded to the trend.

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