WATCH: Creepy Rudy Giuliani Touching, Petting Young Reporter As She Removes His Mic In Borat Clip

The Rudy Giuliani clip from the new Borat movie has made it to social media. The president’s lawyer, who claimed on Twitter that he was just tucking his shirt in, doesn’t come across as an innocent interviewee.

Rudy Giuliani pats reporter's lower back
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

In the clip, just 41 seconds long, Giuliani follows the reporter — who we are later told is supposed to be 15, although the actress playing her is of legal age — into a hotel bedroom, ostensibly for a drink. He can be heard saying, “Come here, come here, before touching her shoulders, apparently to remove a microphone wire. As she leans over to help remove his microphone, he can be seen reaching out to pat her lower back, with his hand lingering and brushing downward as he pulls away.

The actress does pull his shirt out as she removes the microphone, but Giuliani’s exaggerated gestures, lying down and seeming to reach far into his pants for the “tucking in” he claims, will definitely raise eyebrows — it’s not a case where having more context than a single screen grab exonerates him. In fact, at least the screengrab is only a fraction of a second in time. When actually watching Giuliani carry out the ‘tuck’ maneuver, it goes on for nearly ten seconds of repeated hand-insertion before Borat charges into the room and interrupts.

In his several tweets Wednesday evening, Giuliani insisted he was never inappropriate, and that editing had exaggerated his behavior. This was only an attempt

However, women across the nation who have dealt with overbearing men taking unoffered liberties will likely recognize the gestures in this clip and shudder for the purported 15-year-old.

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