WATCH: CPAC Begs Angry Attendees To “Work On” Wearing Masks

CPAC is being held this weekend in Orlando Florida, and organizers have run into a stumbling block. GOP leadership has spent the past year telling the voter base that COVID-19 is a hoax, or that it’s not as serious as scientists and “the media” are telling them, and that masks are not only unnecessary, but a violation of human rights. Now, they’re trying to explain why that same base is obligated to wear masks during the event. Oops.

CPAC attendees told to mask up
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In the clip below, CPAC attendees boo and yell after CPAC Director Carly Conley and American Conservative Union Executive Director Dan Schneider beg them to wear their masks. “We believe in property rights. A private hotel just like your house, gets to set its own rules.”

“Please, everyone, when you’re in the ballroom and you’re seated you should still be wearing a mask. SO if you could work on that….”

By the response, it doesn’t sound like the audience is buying it. Neither, apparently, is Senator Ted Cruz, who can be seen in his own speech, below, in which he tries on the role of a stand-up comedian and mocks the idea of wearing masks.

Decrying the rules of restaurants, in which one wears a mask while moving through the building, but not while eating, Cruz ignores that this was about placing the fewest restrictions possible to keep business going, rather than any scientific decree about whether the virus can transmit while seated. “Everybody can get immunized. We can have herd immunity everywhere, and we’re gonna wear masks for the next 300 years,” he declares. “Not just one mask, two, three, four, you can’t have too many masks! How much virtue do you wanna signal? This is just dumb.”

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