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WATCH: “Cowboys, Mountain Men, And Veterans Will Hunt Down Trump’s Political Enemies After Election,” Says Evangelist

WATCH: “Cowboys, Mountain Men, And Veterans Will Hunt Down Trump’s Political Enemies After Election,” Says Evangelist

Evangelist Rick Wiles has a dire message for anyone who opposes Trump. After the election, he warns, they’ll be hunted down by veterans, cowboys, and mountain men — in other words, according to him, Trump supporters. It doesn’t matter whether Trump is removed from office by impeachment on criminal charges, or if he’s voted out in November, Wiles says. Either way, when Trump leaves office, his supporters will rise up violently against anyone they consider responsible.

Rick Wiles, of Tru News, has a history of being inflammatory. In fact, in February Newsweek reported his news and opinion show had actually been banned from YouTube over antisemitism in his rants about impeachment — a quote from Rick Wiles that rather sums up his whole viewpoint follows, but beware, it will be highly offensive to most readers.

Evangelist: vets, cowboys, will stage violent attacks against anti-trumpers
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That’s the way the Jews work. They are deceivers. They plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew coup.

Bearing that in mind, it’s no surprise Right Wing Watch caught another clip from his online show that left viewers’ jaws dropping. In the video, Wiles maintains, “I don’t want it to happen,” but spills out lurid details of exactly what he believes is coming.

If they take him out, there’s gonna be violence in America. That’s all there is to it….However he leaves, there’s going to be violence in America…There are people in this country — veterans, there are cowboys, mountain men — I mean guys that know how to fight. And they’re going to make a decision that the people who did this to Donald Trump are not going to get away with it. And they’re gonna hunt ’em down.

Even though Wiles claims to hope that Trump supporters don’t actually engage in violence against the rest of America, he goes on to blame the victims for the hypothetical attacks:

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It’s gonna happen, and this country’s going to be plunged into darkness. And they brought it upon themselves. And they won’t back off. They just won’t back off.

Earlier this year, two dozen members of U.S. Congress came together to ask that Rick Wiles be denied White House press credentials and access to legislators, citing a list of Wiles’ racial attacks, including the antisemitic statements quoted above, attempts to link transgender rights and Zionism, and a declaration that a “brown invasion” is pushing “white Europeans” out of America. Earlier this year, JTA reports, Wiles declared that COVID-19 spreading in synagogues is God’s way of punishing Jewish people for not accepting Jesus.

In short, Rick Wiles’ preaching, reporting, and orating are typically inflammatory, and full of derogatory commentary toward minorities. However, pushing an agenda of violence in the event of political upheaval is particularly egregious. Even as Wiles claims to be against such an act, he speaks to defend the proposed perpetrators and to blame the people he says would be subject to the violent attacks.

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