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WATCH: [Content Warning] Joe Rogan Urges, “The N-Word, Say It,” As He And Guest List Racial Slurs

WATCH: [Content Warning] Joe Rogan Urges, “The N-Word, Say It,” As He And Guest List Racial Slurs

Joe Rogan is apologizing again, and again, his apology is weighed down with excuses and misrepresentations. One again, it only takes a viewing of a video clip from his podcast to find the truth.

PASADENA, CA – MARCH 15: Comedian Joe Rogan performs during his appearance at The Ice House Comedy Club on March 15, 2019 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)

As People reports, when Rogan apologized for the many, many uses of the n-slur in his podcast, he filled the ‘apology’ video with excuses, assuring the public that he’d been taken ‘out of context,’ and that he only uses the n-slur when it’s actually super-relevant and totally called for. (Despite insisting this, he doesn’t explain any context that would make his rampant use of the word appropriate.)

Then this clip surfaces. PatriotTakes has found one of the individual segments of Rogan’s show, in which he giddily exchanges racial slurs with his guest, and prods, “Yeah, but the N-word. You won’t say it. Say it.”

CONTENT WARNING: This video contains racial slurs. Please view with caution.

That doesn’t look much like Rogan just had a really important context in which using the slur was absolutely necessary to express his point, does it?

Here’s an interesting thing, though — back in 2018, Rogan discussed this with another guest, comedian Theo Von. Though his main point in this clip is, yet again, to defend use of the word, and in fact to complain about white men facing employment consequences for using the word, at the beginning he says something interesting.

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CONTENT WARNING: This clip contains a racial slur and caution is advised in viewing.

After the initial round of bemoaning how unfair it is that people are getting fired from their jobs for sexual harassment and inappropriate jokes, and specifically that a Netflix executive was fired after co-workers complained about his use of the n-slur, Rogan admits something:

“He was fired from Netflix. That is crazy — unless he was saying it like he was having a good time right?”

So, even in Rogan’s view, at least in this one moment in 2018, the n-slur could warrant a firing — if the speaker seems to be enjoying himself in saying it. Maybe Rogan should watch that clip of himself above, and then make a judgmenet.

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