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WATCH: Conservative View Host Abby Huntsman Accuses Trump of Extorting Ukraine

WATCH: Conservative View Host Abby Huntsman Accuses Trump of Extorting Ukraine

The View has a diverse group of hosts who come from all different political backgrounds. Host Abby Huntsman is meant to represent millennial conservative women. Her father, Jon Huntsman Jr. is currently Donald Trump’s Ambassador to Russia, though he has already tendered his resignation.

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Huntsman largely toes the conservative party lines when issue are brought up during the show. During Tuesday’s broadcast, though, she broke party lines in a big way and accused Donald Trump of extorting the Ukraine.

Previously, Huntsman had defended Trump on claims that he had improper dealings with the Ukraine. During Tuesday’s show, she said, “As you guys know ,I’ve been weary about this from the time it was trickling out last week because, one, we didn’t have all the facts, the media doesn’t always get it right, and it was the same Democrats calling for impeachment before he even got in office.”

The host continued, “The more I’m learning about this, and I think other people are learning about it, this is really alarming. Now we have more of the facts and the president himself even admitted it, but in my opinion, this is extortion.”

Unlike some of her other co-hosts, Huntsman was not yet ready to claim that the President should be impeached. She did say, however, “I think, as a country, we should take a step back again and say, what should our president do that we should be proud of? Is this something we can stand by?”

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You can watch the segment below, courtesy of ABC:


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