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WATCH: Conservative SE Cupp Reminds Democrats Goal is to Beat Trump

WATCH: Conservative SE Cupp Reminds Democrats Goal is to Beat Trump

In an effort to start shrinking the field, the most recent Democratic debate only featured 10 candidates. The debate was mostly uneventful, though, it is remembered for Julian Castro’s attack on Joe Biden’s age and his mental capacity.

SE Cupp is a prominent conservative host who hosts a show on CNN. She has long been featured in right leaning media sources like Fox News, Newsmax and The Daily Caller. She has since turned into a “Never-Trumper.” Following last nights debates, Cupp warned Democratic candidates to remember that the main goal is to defeat Trump.

Cupp first knocked the candidates for their unwillingness to refer to Trump. “It’s a good, if odd reminder, to the Democrats running for president that the goal of this whole thing is to beat Trump, but he didn’t come up a whole lot at the debate,” she said. “According to FiveThirtyEight, Trump was mentioned a total of 35 times during Thursday’s debate–that’s down from 61 and 72 times on the second debate’s two nights.”

The pundit continued, “Yes, this is a Democratic primary, but don’t forget it’s followed by a general election. What might be working now to get Twitter likes and make headlines might also make it impossible to win in the general.”

Cupp closed the segment by reminding the Democratic candidates, “Primaries are for distinguishing yourself from the field and they’re about getting press and making waves. I get all that, but not if they’re at the expense of the real end goal which in this case is to get a Democrat into the White House. It isn’t all that complicated.”

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