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WATCH: Conservative Charlie Sykes Blasts Trump’s Love for St. Louis Gun Couple

WATCH: Conservative Charlie Sykes Blasts Trump’s Love for St. Louis Gun Couple

Charlie Sykes has some pretty considerable Conservative bonafides. He hosted a right-leaning radio show in Milwaukee for 23 years. Sykes, however, is not a believer in Donald Trump. He openly campaigned against the President in 2016 and ended up voting for Evan McMillan.

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And Sykes has continued his attack on Trump over the last four years, often on cable news programs. On Wednesday, the pundit blasted the President for his support of gun toting St. Louis couple Mark and Patricia McKloskey.

The Conservative writer was asked about the couple during an appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s show. He responded:

“This whole scene out of St. Louis seems like something out of a Trump world Pornhub episode. You know, the white, Brooks Brother-wearing couple with their guns and the black protester. The only thing missing was if you could just put them in a boat with a Trump flag, you have the perfect Trump fantasy of how he’s going to turn this election around, when, in fact, I think most of the country is going, that’s just ridiculous.”

Sykes continued, “This is not just a dogwhistle. This is the president who has one playbook, which is that he’s going to play that law and order card, he’s going to say that the real threat to America are the other Americans. And you know, we have to have, you know, white — they’re not suburbanites, but white suburbanites with guns protecting us against the caravans and the whatever. But it’s not working.”

Watch a clip of Sykes’ comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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