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WATCH: Condi Rice Tells Fox Viewers Putin Has United NATO in a Way Trump Couldn’t

WATCH: Condi Rice Tells Fox Viewers Putin Has United NATO in a Way Trump Couldn’t

Donald Trump has spent the last week claiming that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could have been avoided if he was President. But when he was in office, he tried to hold back weapons from Ukraine. And when Trump met with allies from NATO, he mostly complained about other nations not paying their fair share.

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On Sunday, the Fox News network brought on Condoleeza Rice to discuss the situation in Ukraine. But the former Secretary of State just ended up crediting Joe Biden with uniting NATO.

Host Harris Faulkner asked, “There’s this worry among generals whom I’ve talked with. Nobody wants a world war. But that [Russian President Vladimir Putin] would do something at this point that he might not have done a few years ago in terms of more of a land grab, the Baltics, for instance. And because of Article 5 with NATO, what does that mean for us. We get involved in war. We can’t go to war with a nuclear power.”

Rice responded, “We have to make sure that [Putin] really understands that the cost would be extraordinary to try to cross an Article 5 line. An attack upon one is an attack upon all. And so the Baltic states are indeed protected under that guarantee by the United States of America.”

The former Secretary of State continued:

“It is certainly against every principle of international law and international order, and that’s why throwing the book at them now in terms of economic sanctions and punishments is also a part of it. And I think the world is there. Certainly, NATO is there. He’s managed to unite NATO in ways I didn’t think I would ever see again after the end of the Cold War.”

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Correction: The initial version of this story noted that Rice was talking about Joe Biden when she was actually talking about Vladimir Putin.


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