[WATCH/COMMENTARY] Melber Verbally Slaps Schlapp After Racist Remark

Of the remaining Trump surrogates, Matt Schlapp is possibly the worst one not named Jason Miller or Seb Gorka. MSNBC’s Ari Melber continues to give airtime to Schlapp and some of his cronies, not that anybody needs to hear one thing coming from any of them (and this often includes Melber himself, but I’ll get to him in a few paragraphs).

CPAC leader Schlapp, who is basically like if an old stale marshmallow somehow became a sentient-ish form who could commit treason while probably secretly wearing his wife’s high heels when he’s home alone, took a dangerous turn when Schlapp claimed that the COVID-19 vaccine wasn’t really necessary anymore, because there are so many therapeutics that can save people now.

Photo by NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images

Fully ignoring Dear Leader’s comments from February’s CPAC, as well as Fox News last week, Schlapp viewed a clip of GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging all Americans to get vaccinated ASAP and scoffed, “He’s completely wrong.”

Schlapp, yet another Republican who isn’t a doctor, told Melber (TW: racism ahead): “What we need to do when it comes to battling this terrible Chinese corona is make sure that people take command of their own health. The best piece of news which you didn’t talk about with Fauci which I wish you had, are (sic) the therapeutics that are available for people who get sick. What we’re seeing and the doctors I’ve talked to is great success with the therapeutics that are leading people with underlying conditions—”

To his credit, Melber cut off Schlapp right after he did a racism on live TV. You can watch it all happen, below. Sidebar to Ari: stop with the rap lyrics during other segments, please. We get it, you’re ‘down’. Just report the news and do right by the truth like you did here, thanks.

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