Veni, Vedi, Vici(ous): They came, they saw, they acted like whiny babies.

That’s how most people on Earth One would describe the activities at this past weekend’s second Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) grifter’s gathering in five months (hey, those Trump family lawyer bills aren’t going to pay for themselves!). While there was plenty of Qrazy happening on the official stages thanks to speakers like Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert and others, the attendees also brought plenty of unintentional comedy for social media to troll for three days.

[Screenshot via William Turton/Twitter]
Sadly, there was no Bart Simpson statue painted gold to look like Trump at this CPAC, but there was still plenty of human tweets walking around who were more than happy to parrot the lies they were hearing all weekend. What can you even say about the constant claims that are always so disconnected from reality? Eight months later, Trump is still spewing lies like, “And we were doing so well until the rigged election happened to come along. We were doing really well.”

Yeah, no you weren’t. And of course, the election wasn’t rigged. Why can’t they move on? Just kidding, it’s because he’s terrified of prosection. The fact is, they all know Trump lost fair and square. But they won’t say so at CPAC, oh no. At CPAC he’s still in office and there was no insurrection, and nobody died from COVID. Living in delusion seems fun until you see the actual footage of it.

Which is exactly what intrepid CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan provides in a lengthy report on what he referred to as “The Trump Show” in Texas. Like his colleague Jim Acosta, O’Sullivan has a steel spine and somehow manages to keep his composure when talking to the best worst people. Grab some popcorn and watch the human circus from CPAC, below.



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