WATCH: Colorado Nurses Counter Protest Against Anti-Social Distancers

No one in the country knows the toll that COVID-19 has had on the country better than nurses and doctors. They’ve worked long hours, comforted patients, witnessed horrible deaths and have dreaded going home to their families for fear of infecting them.

Screenshot via Marc Zenn Twitter

One can only imagine what goes through those health professionals minds when Americans demonstrate against the social distancing practices that are helping to lighten their workload. Two nurses in Colorado decided to counter-demonstrate against protesters in their state. They were met with jeers and curses.

One woman, dressed in an American flag shirt and riding in a pickup truck held up a sign that read, “Land of the Free.” She shouted that the nurse should “go back in your closet and go to China.”

Both Fox News and the President have been supportive of the protesters. Trump urged on the demonstrations over the weekend, tweeting that Michigan, Virginia and Minnesota need to be “liberated.”

Watch a video of the scene below:



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