WATCH: Colbert Tells Bolton he was Naive to Believe in Trump

John Bolton is not the most popular man in the USA right now. The former National Security Adviser is reviled by Republicans for revealing damaging information about Donald Trump. Democrats are upset with Bolton for holding his secrets to sell a book rather than testifying to Congress.

Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Montclair Film

That does mean, however, that news anchors and television hosts don’t want to talk with him. On Tuesday night, Bolton spoke with Stephen Colbert. The interview grew tense, at one point, when Colbert told the former NSA he was “naive” for believing in Trump.

The CBS Host wondered why it took so long to figure out Trump. “My rule is, everything that you think about Donald Trump is probably true because he’s not deep enough to get your socks wet in,” said Colbert. “He’s incredibly readable, that’s why when he ran casinos, the house lost. There’s nothing to learn about him. That’s why he’s essentially a boring person.”

Bolton replied, “I couldn’t believe it was that bad. And I know other people say they saw it from the beginning…”

Colbert cut the former adviser off, “But you’re an international negotiator. How could you be naive? You’ve dealt with with the worst people in the world.”

A flustered Bolton responded, “You’ve really insulted me now by calling me naive.” He later admitted, “Look, I thought it was possible to work with somebody. I thought surely they would want to learn about the complexities of arms control and negotiations and that sort of thing. And as I detail in the book, that turned out not to be true.”

Watch the interview below, courtesy of CBS:


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