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WATCH: Colbert Savagely Mocks Donald Trump Over His Ridiculous Pants

WATCH: Colbert Savagely Mocks Donald Trump Over His Ridiculous Pants

This weekend, Donald Trump spoke at an event hosted by the North Carolina GOP. It was one of the first major speechs for the 45th president since being out of office. Trump mostly rolled out his greatest hits, talking about election fraud and attacking his enemies.

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The following day, though, nobody was interested in talking about the speech. Instead, the focus was on the pair of pants that Trump wore. Not only were they badly wrinkled, they also seemed, at some angles, to be on backwards. Stephen Colbert addressed “pants gate” during his Monday night monologue.

The late night host began, “[Trump did a bunch of stuff but] nobody paid attention because it looked like he wore his pants backwards. Either he shares a tailor with a Ken doll, or he spends so much time yanking stuff out of his keister, it just helps to have the zipper back there to make it easy. But it raised a lot of questions, like: How did he zip the pants? Was his belt also on backward? And how lucky are we that this man no longer has the nuclear codes?”

Colbert continued, “Oh, then I guess we wont have a third impeachment trial now. Which is a shame because they’ve already drafted the Articles of Im-pants-ment.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of The Late Show:

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