WATCH: Colbert Calls Out Former Speaker for Failing to “Corral His Crazies”

During his Monday night show, Stephen Colbert called out John Boehner for his failure to control extremist Republican voices while he was in control.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

John Boehner recently published a book about his experiences as the Speaker of the House. The former Ohio congressman was very critical of controversial GOP figures like Ted Cruz and Michelle Bachmann. He also slammed the current state of the GOP and the impact Donald Trump had on the party.

Many in the media, however, think the Boehner is being hypocritical. The Tea Party Republican movement started while he was Speaker and grew out of control from there. Boehner told Colbert, “It’s gotten a lot worse since, and the problem is not just on the far right, it’s on the far left as well.”

The host responded by critiquing both Fox News as well as Boehner’s leadership while in office. “I think the Republicans have gotten better at having a media arm that helps inflate their worst instincts than the Democrats do. If both sides do that, how come Nancy Pelosi can corral her crazies and you can’t corral yours”

The former Speaker responded, “She’s done frankly, a better job of holding her party together. I’ve watched it over the 30 years I’ve been around Congress. Democrats are always more willing to stick together than Republicans are.”

You can watch the full interview below, courtesy of the Late Show:

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