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WATCH: Co-Hosts Laugh at Meghan McCain’s Debate Advice for Donald Trump

WATCH: Co-Hosts Laugh at Meghan McCain’s Debate Advice for Donald Trump

Meghan McCain must have had a weird week. On Wednesday, her Mother, Cindy, was making the cable news rounds explaining her recent decision to endorse Joe Biden. On the same day, Meghan was hosting the View and was trying to give pro-Trump Republican talking points.

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The topic today was about the upcoming debates and how Donald Trump should handle them. McCain’s advice to the panel drew laughter from her co-hosts.

McCain began the segment talking about Biden. “Biden has to come out looking really tough and strong and like he cares about public safety and the radical [left], you know, examples that President Trump [is] using in his rallies have not taken over the party, and it’s a safe space in the Democratic party for moderates.”

The Conservative commentator then turned to Trump. “Trump, on the other hand, has to look like a normal, compassionate, empathetic human being.” At this point, co-host Sunny Hostin began to laugh at her co-worker.

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McCain then tried to explain, “It’s true. He has to get some of what Joe Biden has, look like he’s empathizing with pain. He’s done a poor job. People over the age of 60, he’s losing voters in this demographic at an astounding rate, and I think it’s because they look at him and see a president who doesn’t care if they die from the coronavirus.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of ABC:

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