[WATCH] CNN’s Stelter Compares Tucker Carlson to Alex Jones

There are regular mediocre privileged white men, and then there’s Tucker Carlson. The male Meghan McCain takes nepotism and leapfrogging over actually talented people without famous last names or trust fund dollars to brand new lows on the daily. Whether he’s instructing those still drinking the Kool-Aid to harass anyone wearing masks, even children, or he’s twisting the events of January 6th into a pretzel of zero logic, Carlson has never met a topic he can’t spin into an oblivion of self-righteous and falsely indignant word salad. Carlson couldn’t care any less what people do or say once the words come out of his constantly bewildered face–he always looks like someone asked him to taste a dip where the mayo has just gone a little over–he just wants them ratings.

Just like his Dear Leader, Carlson has so far suffered few, if any, consequences from his Trumpian loyalty and QAnonsensical rants. He occasionally will take a “long vacation” after a particularly outrageous comment goes viral in the bad way, but that’s essentially so Fox News can wait until the news cycle moves on so Carlson can come slinking back to keep doing the world’s worst Voldemort impression.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The only good thing that ever comes out of a Tucker Carlson show is the reaction from those living here on Earth One, as Rachel Maddow (Carlson’s biggest competitor and ratings winner in the 9pm time slot) would say. Aside from the new ways Twitter finds to drag the frozen food heir, other professional TV news hosts have started to call out his antics for the truly dangerous propaganda that they are. Even his own Fox News colleague, Sean Hannity, may have slipped (and/or let his Trumpian/Freudian jealousy get the best of him) when he called out Carlson.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter discussed Carlson’s personal decline even as his show continues to rise in the ratings. Carlson is so far gone, says Stelter, he’s basically gone full InfoWars on Fox News. Watch the segment, below.


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