[WATCH] CNN’S Keilar Says Trump Admitted His Guilt at Florida Rally

If you let Donald Trump speak long enough, he’ll eventually go off script and start telling on himself. He can’t help it; the projection is a pathological pattern. Every accusation is a confession with the Former Guy, and if he’s stuck on a particular topic–say, the way the CFO of his organization paid for things and oops, he forgot to tell the IRS all about them–he’s going to admit his own guilt.

Trump’s most recent ego rally in Sarasota, Florida Saturday night wasn’t only a textbook example of Trump’s inability to stop saying the quiet parts out loud, it actually may have finally incriminated him. On video. That would be admissible in any court of law, but there just happens to be a Grand Jury already working on a case against Trump in New York, so maybe this could just be more evidence to add to the pile?

[Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images]
It’s an interesting phenomenon to watch him admit to his base that he committed the crimes he’s accused of committing, but in a way that they don’t get he’s admitting to them.

The crowd remained for 90 minutes in the rain, ignoring the confession that they couldn’t catch because they were too busy cheering at the gaslighting and propaganda.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar seems to think Trump’s appearance was also a public admission of guilt. Keilar hosted New York Times writer Maggie Haberman on Monday to discuss the latest developments in the case against the Trump Organization, including the moments at the rally where Trump more or less gave Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance the entire case on a silver platter. Or, in Trump’s case, at the bottom of a McDonald’s bag with the errant burnt fries. Watch their discussion, below.


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