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WATCH: CNN’s John King Eviscerates Devin Nunes for Refusing to Answer Ukraine Questions

WATCH: CNN’s John King Eviscerates Devin Nunes for Refusing to Answer Ukraine Questions

Last week was full of bombshell news stories. Perhaps the most consequential was that Ukranian Lev Parnas was willing to testify about Devin Nunes. The recently arrested Parnas connected the California congressman to former Ukrainian prosecutor Alexander Shokin.

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When Nunes was approached about the report, he angrily attack the report and CNN. This afternoon, CNN anchor John King blasted the conservative lawmaker calling his excuses “horsesh*t.”

After being asked about the story, Nunes replied, “I don’t talk to you in this lifetime or the next lifetime. At any time. On any question.”

Of course other reporters outside of CNN have asked Nunes about the report. He has refused to speak to those news organizations as well.

King has had enough of the congressman’s behavior. He said on Monday’s broadcast of Inside Politics,

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“Forgive me but … horsesh*t. This is easy. This is easy. He was on a plane with staff that went somewhere during this timeframe. There are either passports stamped or–if they did it on a classified basis–there’s a crew on the plane. There’s the crew of his staff. He could go into a meeting with a Group of 8, including the Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying this didn’t happen and force a Democratic Speaker to issue a statement. … If it’s demonstrably false, demonstrate it!” 

While Nunes would prefer for the story to go away, that situation appears to be unlikely. This weekend, congressman Adam Smith said that an ethics inquiry into Nunes is likely. This would be his second inquiry in just over 2 years.


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