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WATCH: CNN’s John Avlon and Jim Acosta Discuss Donald Trump’s ‘Broken Brain’

WATCH: CNN’s John Avlon and Jim Acosta Discuss Donald Trump’s ‘Broken Brain’

One year ago, Donald Trump’s supporters were so behind him that they attacked the United States Capitol. It is an event that Trump remembers fondly. According to his former staffer Stephanie Grisham, he gleefully watched the attack on television.

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This weekend, Trump bragged about the size of his insurrection crowd and noted that only a few stormed the Capitol. CNN’s John Avlon and Jim Acosta discussed how the boasts shine a light on the former president’s mental state.

Acosta said to his colleague, “John, I’ve said this before. I think his brain is broke[n],” said Acosta. “There’s no other description for when he says these things. He has this Pavlovian way of — he has to talk about crowd sizes in the most inappropriate situations. I don’t understand why he would even — it’s just sick.”

Avlon responded, “Sure, you do! It’s because it’s all about Trump and his ego, which is simultaneously massive and fragile, so he wants to measure it. It’s all about size for him. So, he’s got to get some kind of interrogate interrogator who fluffs him up. It’s just his own pathetic, incredible, fragile ego.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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