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WATCH: CNN’s Jim Acosta Says the Country is At War Against GOP Lies

WATCH: CNN’s Jim Acosta Says the Country is At War Against GOP Lies

On Saturday, CNN’s Jim Acosta took on the Republicans who are trying to gaslight the public about the events of January 6th.

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The insurrection on the US Capitol occurred just a few months ago. And the event happened live on television with millions of Americans watching from their homes. Following the incident, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle came out against the horrific incident.

But just a short time later, a number of GOP Reps. are trying to deny that the event was as serious as it was. Andrew Clyde and Paul Gosar painted the rioters as patriots rather than insurrectionists. This led Acosta to claim that America is at war with GOP lies.

The CNN host began, “Did the insurrection really end on January 6th? Or is it still happening in front of our lives? It”s been more than four months since the riot, but the truth of what happened that day is still under siege.”

Acosta ended his remarks:

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“It’s pretty simple: the insurrectionists betrayed this country on January 6th, and some Republicans in the House have been betraying it ever since, by denying the truth. This isn’t about bullsh*t, this is about betrayal, betraying your country. As long as the ‘Big Lie’ lives on, the insurrection hasn’t really ended. That’s because this is a war on the truth. It”s a war. whose side are you on?”

Watch a video of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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