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[WATCH] CNN’s Brianna Keilar Calls Out Tucker Carlson: ‘He IS White Rage’

[WATCH] CNN’s Brianna Keilar Calls Out Tucker Carlson: ‘He IS White Rage’

Tucker Carlson has officially reached a point of no return. The highest-rated host on Fox News, which at this point should carry the same social value as someone who deliberately runs over kittens, Carlson not only believes his hype, he revels in it. When someone who doesn’t deserve the power they’ve received feels untouchable, that’s when they’re at their most dangerous (see also: tht former guy fella).

Carlson now feels he can say anything, no matter how dangerous his hyperbole might be. His audience takes his every word as gospel, even acting out in public on his behalf by following his orders to verbally harass children who are wearing masks. The guy who doxxed a Capitol officer he accused of fatally shooting Ashli Babbit is now seeing even his own colleagues at Fox turning on him.

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Carlson, who’s never served one minute in the military because he’s led an easy life of rich white male privilege, decided to call out General Mark Milley over his comments regarding “white rage” and wanting to understand its roots and why it’s so pervasive in the military and elsewhere. Ironically, this triggered in Carlson the exact kind of white rage Milley was describing.

Americans can tolerate disrespect at various levels; however, when it comes to the military, the collective take is always supposed to be one of respect for their sacrifice and service, as well as gratitude that they made it back home alive. But anyone who questions anything Trump ever did also incurs the wrath of the Swanson Frozen Foods heir, even a distinguished and decorated military hero.

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CNN’s Brianna Keilar added her voice to her colleague Jim Acosta’s in calling out Tucker’s amateurish antics along with his dangerous racial rhetoric. Watch her take on Tucker, below.

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