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WATCH: CNN’s Berman Shreds Tucker Carlson Over Fox Host’s Mask Rant

WATCH: CNN’s Berman Shreds Tucker Carlson Over Fox Host’s Mask Rant

On Tuesday morning, CNN host John Berman slammed Tucker Carlson for telling his viewers to call people out for wearing masks in public.

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show has always been very light on news. But since Donald Trump’s loss in November, the show has become a platform for conspiracy theories and white supremacist views.

The Fox host went further than ever talking about masks on Monday night. Carlson encouraged his viewers to harass people in the street for wearing masks. He went as far as asking supporters to call child protective services on parents who have their children wear masks.

Co-host Brianna Keilar began, “He is telling his viewers to confront people who are wearing masks outdoors, to harass them, and he’s doing this as people who have been following and promoting CDC guidance on masks thus far have already been harassed, physically assaulted, and killed in at least one case.”

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Berman then jumped in:

“If you don’t want a mask because of vaccines, maybe don’t trash vaccines. I’ve asked this before. Does he actually want his viewers to live. Bottom line, this isn’t a game. This isn’t entertainment, not to the half million people dead and their families. When an unhinged person decides to harass someone or some kid for simply wearing a mask, remember Tucker’s words. Remember the uncovered pouty face. the health of this country, getting through this pandemic has come at such a cost. As for undermining it, Fox must think the price is right.”

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