WATCH: CNN’s Berman Says Recently Elected GOP Reps Who Signed Texas Letter Should Resign if They Won “Fraudulent Elections”

The White Houses new strategy of having Texas challenge the election in other states is a strange one. In an effort to make the lawsuit look more legitimate, the attorney’s general of 17 states added their signatures.

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CNN

And on Thursday, a total of 106 Republican congressman also added their names to the suit. Some of those signers have just recently elected. On Friday morning, John Berman said that if those signers had won “fraudulent elections,” they should resign their posts immediately.

“What’s even more surprising this morning, though, is that 106 members of Congress have signed on in support,” the host began. “106 members who, let’s be clear, know better. They do. Of course they do.”

Berman later continued:

“There are 16 members who signed on from the four states under attack. Sixteen members who say the ballots from their states should be thrown out. Surely, then, these 16 members have all tendered their resignations from Congress, or have agreed not to serve in Congress until the matter is resolved. Why? Because they were on the same ballot! How could they live with themselves staying in Congress when they feel so passionately that they won a fraudulent election?”

“So how many of them have stepped aside,” the host asked. “Zero. Because they know better, of course they do. They’re playing this dangerous game with democracy. Your vote, your franchise, and they know it. As columnist Thomas Friedman told Wolf yesterday, is it worth sacrificing everything for this? I mean seriously, just for free parking at National Airport?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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