WATCH: CNN’s Berman Is Trump Hiding Because He’s Embarrassed About Election?

Donald Trump claims that there was a massive conspiracy against him and the 2020 election was stolen. He is not, however, acting like someone who really believes that. Despite a number of tweets each day, the president has largely gone into hiding. He spent the weekend holed away at a Virginia golf course, but has made no public appearances.

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This morning on CNN, John Berman wondered why Trump has gone into hiding. The host theorized that the president has been nowhere to be seen because he is embarrassed by the election results.

Berman began, “It really is notable how the president-elect has chosen to behave, how he chose to address this yesterday, because there is genuine concern, even alarm, among a lot of people about how the president is reacting, so his behavior is notable.”

The host continued, “The other thing that’s notable, and I just don’t think we can push this aside: Where has the president been? It’s been since Thursday that we’ve seen his face. So he is in some sort of hiding.”

“Oh he is clearly a brilliant political strategist planning these intricate moves,” Berman joked. “No, I think it’s fair to ask the question about whether he’s so embarrassed and knows that he will face questions about losing an election, or forced to justify the BS lawsuits that he doesn’t have good answers for, and it really is interesting that he lacks the conviction to come out and talk about this publicly, or the energy. He either lacks the conviction or the energy.”

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