WATCH: CNN’s Berman Compares House Minority Leader to Kevin McAllister

During his Monday broadcast, John Berman lit into Kevin McCarthy for his attempts to obscure his role in the January 6th insurrection.

It’s not easy working with Donald Trump. Kevin McCarthy has been walking on that razor over the last  years. The House Minority Leader condemned the former president soon after the insurrection. But weeks after that, he was down in Mar-a-Lago trying to get back on Trump’s good side.

Today, CNN’s Berman unfavorably compared the California lawmaker to 10 year-old movie character, Kevin McAllister. The host began, “To believe this (that McCarthy was the one who first told Trump about the riots), you have to buy into the notion that no one in the White House staff, no one in the intelligence community, no one in the world, including the MyPillow guy, told the president a riot was happening a mile and a half away…We know what [Trump] does more than anything else is watch TV. It’s his superpower. TiVo is his tesseract.”

The NY Times Maggie Haberman weighed in, “There’s absolutely nothing I know from my reporting, or that I’ve seen from anyone else’s reporting, that backs up this new version of what Kevin McCarthy is saying. his is part of a broader effort that we have seen over many weeks as Republicans are looking to take the midterms… to try to downplay or simply memory hole what happened on January 6th.”

Berman closed the segment by noting that Kevin McAllister, “learned from his mistakes. [McCarthy] just tries to erase the historical record of them.”

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