WATCH: CNN’s Amanda Carpenter Shreds Fox News for Continuing to Book Controversial Strategist Jason Miller

Donald Trump has difficulty holding on to staffers. Officials and advisers often leave the White House, some by choice, others because they are fired, only to reappear months or years later. This is true of people like Hope Hicks and John McEntee.

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Others leave the White House due to controversy. This would certainly be the case with communications strategist Jason Miller, who can regularly be seen praising the president on Fox News. Last night, CNN’s Amanda Carpenter blasted Fox for continuing to book the controversial Trump spokesperson.

Miller was an important figure during Trump’s 2016 campaign. He was slated to become the White House Communications Director. He withdrew from the position once an extra-martial affair with fellow staffer AJ Delgado came to light.

The strategist was later accused of putting an abortion drug in the smoothie of a different mistress. Following that controversy, he left his position as a commentator for CNN.

During a 2019 court Miller admitted to hiring prostitutes and regularly visiting Asian massage parlors that provided sexual services.

So when Carpenter was asked about recent comments made by Miller, she brought heavy artillery. She told CNN host Don Lemon, “Let’s just acknowledge it should make everybody’s skin crawl to hear Jason Miller speak and it’s embarrassing that networks like Fox continue to put him on the air.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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