WATCH: CNN’s Acosta Says Tucker Carlson is Fox’s Chief White Supremacy Correspondent

Since the election has ended, Fox News has ramped up their extreme rhetoric. This is especially true of Tucker Carlson who Jim Acosta recently called Fox’s Chief White Supremacy correspondent.

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[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
During the election season Fox faced its first ever competition from Newsmax and OAN. For awhile it seemed like the network might pull back from some of its worst instincts. Instead, though, Fox has leaned in to racism and bigotry. No one has gone farther than Tucker Carlson who pushed white supremacist talking points on a nightly basis. He was recently called out for doing so by CNN’s Acosta.

The CNN anchor began, “It’s not just Laura Ingraham. How about Tucker Carlson, who in the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict showed us all what’s under the hood. But let’s be real. Tucker Carlson’s anger was not about the actions of a police officer who murdered a man, but about the guilty verdict.”

Acosta continued, “Or, as Carlson, Fox’s chief white power correspondent described the decision, ‘please don’t hurt us.’ Now you can call this an act or a schtick, but these big, race-baiting lies have been spreading like a cancer on the far-right.”

MSNBC’s Joy Reid weighed in on the CNN anchor’s comments, writing, “Not just ‘what’s under the hood…’ Jim Acosta referred to Tucker as Fox News’ ‘chief white power correspondent.’ And I can’t find the lie.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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