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Watch: CNN’s Acosta Says Trump Advisers Are Getting Tired of His Election Stunts

Watch: CNN’s Acosta Says Trump Advisers Are Getting Tired of His Election Stunts

The people who advise Donald Trump have had to put up with a lot the last four years. There have been constant outbursts and frequent resignations and firings. They’ve had to answer constant questions about the president’s behavior. And a bunch of them have contracted the Coronavirus.

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The attempts to overturn the election has been particularly embarrassing. Rudy Giuliani could barely get through a “hearing” without passing gas or having hair dye run down the side of his face. According to Jim Acosta, the people who advise the president are getting tired of his stunts.

Yesterday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced his intentions to sue states won by Joe Biden. Trump threw his support behind the suit.

The CNN anchor told Wolf Blitzer, “President Trump wants in on this lawsuit brought by the Republican attorney general of Texas, who is asking the Supreme Court to throw out millions of votes cast in four battleground states. 17 others, 17 other GOP-led states are also supporting this lawsuit.”

Acosta continued, “The president’s decision to involve himself in the case shows just how desperate he has become at this point. Mr. Trump is still raging out about the election with the most ridiculous claims on Twitter. And some of Mr. Trump’s own advisers are tired of it, as one White House adviser described it to me earlier today, the president has stress-tested American democracy.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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