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WATCH: CNN’s Acosta Says GOP Is Trapped In Mar-a-Lagoville

WATCH: CNN’s Acosta Says GOP Is Trapped In Mar-a-Lagoville

Parrotheads everywhere will get a chuckle out of this. CNN’s Jim Acosta invoked the name and music of the leader of their laid back “cult,” Jimmy Buffet, in a clever explainer about the real, dangerous Republican cult that continues to worship Donald Trump.

“The insurrectionist in chief is back in the news this week,” Acosta began. “You remember Donald Trump and his motley crew – or is that motley coup?” The CNN correspondent immediately rolled into a clip of biker vest-clad Sidney Powell telling the QAnon conference crowd in Dallas over the Memorial Day weekend that Trump can just roll on up the driveway at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and tell President Joe Biden to hit the bricks so he can resume his presidency.

Acosta also noted how disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn and MyPillow guy Mike Lindell have been actively repeating the myth that Trump simply can be reinstated to White House. Trump himself last week wondered of Biden, “How can you govern when you lost?”

“If Trump really believes that he can be back in the White House this August he should get help,” Acosta advised. “You are not well, sir. You need to get over this. Same goes for the GOP. It’s as if much of the Republican Party is trapped in a Jimmy Buffett tune. Wastin’ away again in Mar-a-Lagoville. Looking for that next election to assault. Some people claim that there’s an orange man to blame, but I know it’s my own damn fault.”

Acosta continued, “Trump’s life is like a country music song. He’s lost the House. He’s lost the Senate. He’s lost the White House. His website. If he had a dog, the dog would leave him, too.”

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You can watch the entire hilarious segment here, courtesy of CNN.


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