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WATCH: CNN’S Acosta Booed For Asking Trump to Apologize For January 6th

WATCH: CNN’S Acosta Booed For Asking Trump to Apologize For January 6th

CNN’s Jim Acosta has never let Donald Trump intimidate him. Acosta was famously–albeit briefly–booted from the White House Briefing Room after several contentious run-ins with the Former Guy. Upon his reinstation, Acosta immediately picked up where he left off, and never once backed down from asking Trump the tough questions he of course never answered.

In the months since TFG’s departure, Acosta has been hitting the road to track down the Republicans who wouldn’t otherwise grant him an official interview. Over the weekend, Rep. Mo Brooks (Q-AL) a hardcore Trump supporter, refused an interview with Acosta, saying he didn’t trust the newsman to report on him fair or accurately. “I do not do interviews with CNN because I do not trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” Brooks told Acosta. “You guys will lie through your teeth any chance you get.”

Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images of course 

Jim Acosta gave away his last f— ages ago, so he caught up with TFG at his photo op at the border (because Jim Acosta knows that Trump couldn’t care less about the situation at the border or any of the families suffering together and apart in detention centers), and of course, he asked him the kind of question all of America would love to ask him themselves.

Acosta was ready for Trump today. Witness his excellent ambush of Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans and you’ll get a sense of how he question-bombed Trump.


As a crowd gathered at the southern border, Jim Acosta asked Trump to do something he’s never done: apologize. In public, even.

“Will you apologize about January 6th?” Acosta shouted to Trump after the former guy concluded his speech near a section of the border wall.

“No!” several people in the crowd, made up of mostly Republican members of Congress and staffers, shouted back at Acosta. Some in the crowd began to boo the White House reporter-turned-weekend anchor.

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Of course, TFG didn’t answer. Sorry if you were expecting a surprise twist ending where the bad guy realizes he did bad and tries to be good. That’s never happening. Instead, after the crowd shouted Acosta down, Trump looked in his direction, smirked, and gave a thumbs-up.


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