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WATCH: CNN Shows That When It Comes To Trump, Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Kool-Aid

WATCH: CNN Shows That When It Comes To Trump, Blood Isn’t Thicker Than Kool-Aid

Countless American families have been torn asunder over their differing views of twice-impeached, one-term former president Donald Trump. Almost all of those arguments take place out of public view. The exceptions are the prominent political families whose splits over Trump are forever preserved on video.

Friday morning CNN’s Brianna Keilar aired a brilliant supercut showing the many times Republicans have thrown their family members under the Trump bus – or in front of the Trump train – in the interest of advancing their own political ambitions.

First up is George P. Bush, son of Jeb, who this week announced his candidacy for Texas attorney general. Keilar noted, “He’s not doing it without kissing the ring of Donald Trump.” For his part, Bush says that politics is “a full-contact sport and you can’t let one mean tweet get in the way of doing the right thing.” Apparently the right thing for him means ignoring the fact that Trump savaged his father mercilessly during the Republican president primary by calling him “low energy.”

The compilation includes that time in 2019 when GOP Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel dropped her family surname and blasted her uncle, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, for his criticism of Trump – even going so far as to refer to him as a “freshman senator,” as if he had no prior national political experience.

There’s Ted Cruz, who went from seeming to want to challenge Trump to a fist fight to sycophant. Trump during the primary had mocked the physical appearance of Heidi Cruz, prompting the Texas senator to call Trump “a sniveling coward.” Not long after, Cruz was all aboard with the Republican nominee.

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Keilar’s diagnosis of the phenomenon is brilliant: “blood may be thicker than water, but not thicker than Kool-Aid.”

You can watch the entire supercut here, courtesy of CNN.

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