WATCH: CNN's Reid Explains Why Trump is the Legal Client From Hell

Donald Trump has been in plenty of courtrooms over his decades in business and has run through plenty of lawyers. Some of his lawyers left him because of the charges against him, some leave because they don't get paid, and others leave because Trump is a horrible client who doesn't listen to their instructions. 

Today, in a New York court, Trump asked for special accommodations during his trial. When discussing his demands, CNN reporter Paula Reid opined that the former President is the client from hell. 

Reid began, "He's the client from hell, right? He's a pain in the neck. I'm sure that his lawyers would prefer that he not be there, so that they will be free to make the legal arguments they need to make and not necessarily be performing for an audience of one."

The reporter continued, "Usually the sidebar conversations are issues that they want to resolve outside the presence of the jury or, in this case today, potential jurors."

Reid closed her comments by saying:

"So these are issues that are sensitive and may have to deal with some evidence that's being brought up, an objection that is made, and I'm told from my sources that we can expect throughout this case, there will likely be a lot of objections, a lot of sidebars, because the defense is, they are completely focused on preserving every possible issue for appeal."