WATCH: CNN's Collins Explains How Trump Presser was a Shot at Marjorie Taylor Greene

With such poor leadership from up top, the most prominent members of today's GOP are also the loudest. That certainly includes Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has emerged as one of the party's biggest faces. 

Greene has built her brand through a slavish devotion to Donald Trump, but lately she's been focused on removing Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. CNN's Kaitlan Collins recently explained why Trump's meeting with Johnson and the following presser were blows to the Georgia lawmaker.

Collins began, "But, but in essence of how this went for Speaker Johnson, I mean, you see why he got an a plane today in Washington and flew down to Mar-a-Lago because he just stood next to the presumptive Republican nominee and leader of his party as he stood by him and said he's doing a good job under tough circumstances."

The CNN anchor continued, "and did not throw any support behind Marjorie Taylor Greene's efforts to potentially oust Speaker Johnson from that job, and the way that she has said she has no confidence in the way he's handling that job. Instead, former President Trump there is speaking up for him and praising the job that he's doing."

Collins closed:

"Jake, what broke through, obviously from that is how Trump is feeling about what Monday is it's going to look like when he becomes the first former president to face a criminal trial. And he did say he's willing to testify. We'll see how his legal team feels about that. He has had a lot of animosity toward past attorneys who encouraged him not to testify."