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[WATCH] CNN Reporter Confronts AZ State Senate Pres Over ‘Fraudit’

[WATCH] CNN Reporter Confronts AZ State Senate Pres Over ‘Fraudit’

More than two hundred days after the 2020 Presidential election was decided for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, conservatives across the country are still trying to undo what has long since been done. Recounts and lawsuits have resulted in nothing but wasted time and money, with no changes in the outcome. But this hasn’t stopped recounts and audits from continuing, first in Arizona and now in Georgia as well.

By setting the dangerous precedent of not accepting election results the candidate doesn’t like, the Republican Party is setting the stage to interfere with all future elections as well. While Trump sycophants continue to push the Big Lie, one unanswerable question all along has been: Why?

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Despite being classified as the most secure election in our nation’s history, Trumpers continue to dig in and insist it was somehow rigged in Joe Biden’s favor when it’s just a simple case of math. More people voted for Joe Biden, but you can’t tell that to all of the Trump supporters who just can’t grasp the notion that not everyone who can vote actually votes.

CNN contributing reporter Kyung Lah confronted the president of the Arizona State Senate, Republican Karen (of course) Fann, about the continuing controversy over counting votes in Maricopa County.

Fann is clearly a full-on MAGA who leans QAnon and has no problem continuing to push the Big Lie, and like anyone who hitches their professional wagons to a Trump, now finds herself being investigated for a potential link between her office and the right-wing network OANN.

Like all QAnons, Fann at least provides dubious entertainment.


Kyung Lah has the patience of several saints, as you’ll see in the full segment, below.


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