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[WATCH] CNN Panelist Says the GOP Knows Trump Is A ‘Captial L Loser’

[WATCH] CNN Panelist Says the GOP Knows Trump Is A ‘Captial L Loser’

If Donald Trump has lost Rupert Murdoch–and all signs point to this, as the Murdoch-owned New York Post and Wall Street Journal are glaring indicators of the split–how long before the rest of the Fox News world follows suit? After all, Fox News made Trump, so they can very easily destroy him now as well.

It’s actually starting already. Tucker Carlson, who is the living embodiment of the word “fairweather” (among other words), has started pushing the Post’s talking points, obliquely referring to Trump as “repulsive” during a recent speech. It’s going to be so easy for the bullies at Fox News to make the ever-deflating bully Trump stand alone in the corner as they point and mock their former Dear Leader. You can almost hear Laura Ingraham’s withering tone of faux-disappointment as she cites Trump’s weakness from January 6th, or maybe Judge Jeanine will sober up just enough to declare Trump persona non grata in the Pirro-verse now.

That the GOP knows they’ve got an orange-painted lemon when they thought they were buying a brand-new Maserati, and this buyer’s remorse has come with a body count. The time to distance themselves from Trump is now, before he’s made things any worse in his yet-to-be-rescheduled deposition with New York Attorney General Letitia James and his other legal troubles in Georgia. Oh, and that whole January 6th thing that Merrick Garland is said to be thinking about very seriously. The question seems to be how to cut Trump loose without him doing any residual damage to a party he continues to malevolently loom over even as he knows he’s run out the clock.

If the whole party knows Trump is a “capital L Loser” as CNN anchor Kasie Hunt said on Sunday during a panel discussion, how much longer can they let him drag them down with him? If he’s so “unfit,” when will they finally quit him?

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